Beginners Guide to Casinos

Casinos today aren’t quite like the ones James Bond frequents. Today, players are much more likely to be settling down at a computer to gamble than they are to be at a Baccarat table. The online casino industry is growing fast, and if you’re new on the scene, it can be tricky to navigate your way around. We’ve put together a simple guide to get you started on the right foot in one of the world’s many popular online casinos.

How do I know I can trust my casino?

When you’re choosing an online casino, there are two things for which you should keep an eye out. The first is where your casino holds licenses from, as this will dictate how heavily they’re regulated. Licenses from countries with stringent gambling laws such as the UK, Malta and Canada are a good sign. The second thing to keep an eye out for is information about the random number generator that your casino uses, and whether it has been tested independently. Good quality RNG software is the only way to guarantee truly fair odds in a casino.

How can I add funds to my account? 

Adding money to your casino account can be done in a variety of ways, depending on the casino you’re playing in. Many casinos accept bank transfer, e-wallet transfer, prepaid vouchers and even checks (sent by post). Most players find that bank and e-wallet transfers from sites like PayPal and Neteller are the most convenient, but if you’ve got a preferred method of payment, it’s best to check your casino’s FAQs first.

How do I choose the right casino game for me?

The choice on offer at most online casinos can be overwhelming, mainly if you’ve never played many of the games before. You could start by reading the rules of table games or even just trying out free or low stakes games first, and trying to get a feel for which games you enjoy the most (and which ones you’re good at!). Some of the most popular table games in casinos include: 
Poker: This classic card game is played in various forms, from Texas Hold ‘Em to Stud Poker. Finish the game with the best hand to win. 
Roulette: Gamble on whether the ball will stop on red or black (or green) when the roulette wheel is spun to win. 
Blackjack: ‘Hit’ or ‘Stick’ to collect more cards without exceeding 21 to win this popular card game.  
Baccarat: Win Baccarat by betting on whether the player or dealer’s cards will total a number closer to 9.

How can I be careful when playing in casinos?

‘When the fun stops, stop.’ This motto should not be underestimated when you’re spending a late one in a casino – whether online or in person. Keep an eye on yourself and make sure you’re still enjoying the game; when it starts to become a chore or, worse, a compulsion, it’s time to put down the cards and take a break for the night. If you’re worried that you’re getting too hooked, you can also use the ‘self-exclusion’ option that many online casinos offer to force yourself to step away from gambling for a few months.