X-Men Slots Review

The X-Men series is one of the biggest of the Marvel franchises and that means that expectations for a slot game based on it are huge. Fortunately, the X-Men slot game lives up to them and offers an experience that fans of both online casinos and Marvel superhero movies will love every minute of.

The setup

The X-Men slot game uses the five-reel format typical of online slots and it features 25 pay lines, which ensures that any player taking it for a spin has a good chance of collecting some cash. The potential they offer even inexperienced gamblers to win some money is a big reason why online slots are so popular and creators Playtech have delivered the goods on that score. 

The reel icons are all X-Men characters and Wolverine, Cyclops, Professor Xavier, Storm, Nightcrawler and Magneto are featured. These reel icons tread the line between being based on the hit movies and the original comic books and they successfully capture the familiar looks of the characters. The X-Men logo icon is the scatter for this game while the Wild logo acts as the wild symbol.

The X-Men slot game further enhances its appeal through the decision to add audio effects to help bring the storyline of the X-Men mutants fighting the bad guys to life. It really adds to the atmosphere and lifts this title above a standard online slot.

Bonus rounds

Any slot worthy of the name will have exciting bonus games available to add to the fun – and to the money players can win – and the X-Men slot game has no less than three additional features. The principal bonus for this game is the Free Spins feature that is activated when a player gets at least three of the scatter symbols on any reel. This feature has two playing modes: Heroes and Villains, beginning with the Heroes one. This provides limitless free spins that can multiply your winnings many times over and that only end when the villainous figure of Magneto pops up on the third reel. Then it moves into the Villains mode that provides another eight free spins. This is a feature that can really rack up the cash!

Another element of the X-Men slot game that has the potential to maximise your money is the X-Feature. Activated by getting any five of the X-Men in the shape of an X across the middle of the five reels, it gives you a payout of five times what you bet and occurs quite a lot during the play. The maximum sum you are able to bet on this game is 250 coins, while $0.1 is the minimum.

X-Men Slot Game elements 

The X-Men slot game is also a progressive jackpot one, meaning anyone who gives it a spin has the chance of scooping that huge payout. This round involves picking one of the squares from a grid that has 20, with each square revealing either a Power, Super Power, Extra Power or Absolute Power prize. 

With a solidly developed superhero theme and bonus rounds that are fun and full of financial promise, the X-Men slot game is another hotshot slot from Playtech.